Monday, October 14, 2013

Never ending granny spiral

I was asked to make a blanket with rainbow colors, I suggested a granny throw and they came back at me with this pattern Rainbow Special by Michael Sellick.  There are a few things missing from the pattern, and a few typos in it so if anyone wants to make one, you need an odd number of colors. The pattern implies you need 6 colors (two balls of each) but really you need 7 because of the spiral you need an odd number of rows or your granny wont be able to turn the last corner. Why you might ask, well simply because granny's work in groups of stitches and chains, if you used and even number you will not have a chain on the turning corner when you start your next spiral round.  Also I found on the blue and green round directions there is an error and since these are to rows they tell you to repeat, it will effect your whole blanket if you don't catch it early.  It tells you to '3dc ch2 2dc in chain space' at the corner, you DON'T want to do that it will make the blanket lopsided.  Every time you get to a corner you want to do '3dc ch2 3dc in chain space' its how the diagram shows the corners done.  My last sugestion is for your hook, this pattern works best if you used the right hook for your yarn, normaly the lable of your yarn will tell you what size to use, in my case my yarn called for a size K (10 1/2 or 6.50mm) hook.   So working with a K means my blanket will come out a bit larger then the pattern says because it calls for a J hook, likewise if I went down a hook size instead of up it would turn out smaller.

Once I got started, and got all the colors going it has been pretty easy.  Even fallowing the directiosn he has for how to set up your yarn work well but I some how managed to get my red and white tangled..

First round of all colors complete.


  1. This looks amazing - I'm so glad you caught the errors, as it looks like it's going to be a gorgeous blanket - I hope you show the finished piece :)

    1. If it doesnt rain I will get a shot of it outside tommorow. I am actully just weaving the ends in now. Its officaly 61 inches by 61 inches