Saturday, October 19, 2013

The cat that couldn't smile and other things...

Finished Grumpy Cat Hat!! In the sunllight!!
I was asked to make a 'Grumpy Cat' hat, and a Zebra Hat.  Grumpy cat aka Tardar Sauce is a cute Kittie that was born with feline dwarfism and a huge under-bite leaving her to look grumpy. She is the inspiration for this hat.

I will update with images as I work!

I really hope they turn out well.  I really like how the GC hat turned out, it was sunny enough out I was able to get a natural light picture of it, it does have a pink nose my camera just didn't pick the color up.

Will start on the Zebra tomorrow!

I finished up the Zebra Hat today, it ate up the rest of my black yarn  trying to make the mane stand upright, and not flop to the sides.

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