Thursday, March 5, 2015

NYR Update

Because Feb was so short I completely forgot to post an update for my New Years Reasulotion work on the Happy Hippo.

No photo as I have been getting all set up for the Pannel I will be running this weekend at Kawa Kon. After this weekend I will try to get some photos of it posted here!

I am up to 9 out of 44 motifs. I finished assembling the back end.  For March I plan on finishing up the belly and back, possibly starting the front legs.   

There are a few things I want to work on after the convention is done that I was inspired to try but wont have the time till them.

I was hoping I could finish my 'Not a Jayne' hat to wear to the convention as I was working on it in a new variation of a sc stitch so it would mimic tunisian knit with out having all the stitchs on a hook.  Basically I was working between the post's instead of under the top bar's.   Because this is a new way of working a stitch I am still getting my tension figured out and had to frog it 3 times before I just gave up on it for the night.

If I can figure out a good way of working it with out the stitch's getting all tight I might try and do a tutorial for it.  Normally I dont have an issue with my stitches being tight but because I am not working into the top but into the post I am trying to adjust the right spot with out the whole stitch being loose. 

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