Saturday, March 14, 2015

New hooks in!!

I just got my new set of double ended Tunisian hooks in!!

 I was hestint at first on buying these.  I wanted some double ended hooks for a while, but local stores only had it in size G (which I bought) and its a bit small for some of the things I wanted to try out.

This set originally 'said' it costed $59.99 which is way out of my budget.  It was on sale for  $16.95 + $3.90 shipping in the amazon market place, the reviews mostly seemed honest.

What do I mean by 'mostly seemed honest'?  Well now days you can pay company's to boost your product ratings by leaving 5 start reviews.  Typically these reviews just regurgitate the details listed in the description with colorful adjective's thrown in.  I dont want to waste my time and money on a seller who pays to inflate their ratings.

Now that being said, I saw no reports of anyone paying out the $60 for these hooks almost every review payed the $20 (16+S&H).  The only real complaint's I saw where a few people mentioning that some of their hooks snagged the yarn, but its easily fixed with sanding paper/nail file and a touch of wax.

I opened some of them and they all felt smooth but working with them will really test them.  The kit come in size C-P, I have a shot of all the hooks semi in order from largest (on left) to smallest.  Then I took a close up comparison of the P and C next to each other.  I have to say I am hesitant to use the smaller hooks that C hook is about as thick as the bamboo skewers I use for grilling but not as flexible, where the P is sturdy and I cant image it snapping with out some very deliberate attempting. 

Once I get the time, I am going to try and make a top down hat using Tunisian crochet.  I will let you in on a secret- I hat working bottom up hat's.  I have yet to find a top down tunisian hat pattern, a month ago I was chating with u/StitcherUniverse over on reddit's r/crochet we where debating how to work a top down, at the time I did not have the time/supplies to attempt to work it myself and now I do!!  They worked through a version where the top had some small puckering issues I am hopping when I work it up I can come up with an easily repeatable pattern that anyone can work up.

Wish me luck!!

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