Monday, March 30, 2015

New Pattern WIP

So I am working on a tank top cover up pattern.  Something I can toss on when I am wearing a tank top and the A/C is a bit to much.

I started while gaming last night with an idea in mind.  I thought a butterfly motif would look cute.  I wasnt sure it would work, and I had just planned on figuring out stitch repeat and some how it just worked on the first go.  It will definaly need to be blocked when its finished so the butterfly's will stand out better.

My issue right now is I decided to use a ball of yarn I bought from a LYS and only had one of so I had to go and order more of it.  They didn't have the same dye lot so I am hopping it will match up well.  1 ball got me almost one finished panel, as this will in the end be 2 rectangular panels I sew together to make a short top that should cover up just the exposed skin on my shoulders and back and about 1/3 of a sleeve.

I am also working on making a small diagram of the stitch pattern

Also NYR update I got a few more motifs done I am up to 13, I decided the 'saddle' section of the hippo would be in Shoal, and the underside, legs, and possably head will all be in Eggplant!!

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