Friday, January 8, 2016

Sometimes we fail...

 So I put a sneak WIP shot of this up on my facebook page  on Saturday.

I was aiming for a adult style owl hat.  Drawing inspiration from some of the hat's I have already done, and from some of Helen Rodels work as well as real owls.

While I like how the facial disc sections came out and had that deep brow to ear tuff look the rest of the hat just didnt work up like I saw it in my head.

A lot of planning and work goes into my projects and some times they just do not turn out the way I envisioned.   So a weeks worth of work and pattern writing/adapting/adjusting was 4 hours of me unraveling my work tonight.

The biggest issue I ran across was the forehead section, and the feathers.  Getting the right stitch count and keeping it with increasing and shaping took some work.  I was not able to get the shape I wanted out of it, and it some how came out much smaller then planned.

I just wanted to share this with some of you.  Even I have a hard time with crocheting some times, and that is ok.  I frogged it and at some point after I go over my notes I will start it back up again.

I was able to save all the yarn that went into the feather section but the facial dics and forehead will be scrapped as they are sewn togethere VERY well.

Frogging fuzzy yarn is a pain, but here's a trick- when your pulling the stitch out, pull towards the bottom of the stitch while pinching the next stitch over.  It will be harder for the fuzzy yarn to snarl or tangle on itself.  Also keep snips near by, and don't be afraid to cut some fuzz if it snarls up.

Some times It will help to step away from a project that can  be frustrating you.  So when you come back you see it with fresh eyes and might notice where you can change something or where you went wrong.

I figured I don't normally show when I fail on a pattern I am working on so I hope by talking about it it helps someone else out who's working on something and its just not working.

Ending on a positive note, I love how the facial disc and edging work looked!

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