Friday, January 15, 2016

So I tried something new...

I know christmas just happened, but I wanted to work on a gift and mini gift I am hoping the christmas recipients love.  Besides its never to early to start making gifts for christmas/birthdays.  I lump them together because we have at least 6 people who have birthdays at the end of the year.

So the something new, I jumped on the band wagon and tried arm knitting.  I mostly went with arm knitting because my large knitting needles where still a bit to small for the Ginormous yarn I was working with. 
I just worked in stockinette stitch (sks knitting back and forth) because I have not picked up knitting needles (to knit) in over a year so I was a bit rusty and also trying something on a larger scale.

I know who I am giving this gift to (so long as I dont forget about it!!!) and they wanted something like it.  I myself am not a fan of arm knitting, it worked up super fast but was hard to keep it consistent because my arms are not 100% the same size so the loops that got pushed farther up my arm got all streched out while the ones by my wrist where tighter.  This is an issue I could most likely fix if I worked more arm knitting but unless I am requested to I think I will stick to crochet.  It makes a net like texture when stretched out but makes a nice chunky style fabric unstretched.  There was more then enough yarn on here to make a extra large adult sized infinity scarf and a smaller kid sized infinity scarf.   The downside to the yarn I used is its very hard to hide the tale as its a very loose roving with a small bit of twist and cord plyed.

If you know how to knit its pretty easy to just pick up.  I wound up trying 3 different cast on methods as I did not like how Long-Tail Cast-On and Loop Cast-On looked and felt.  I wound up using the knitting cast on, I would suggest if you have not arm knit before practice casting on a few times till you like how it feels.
 I am almost interested in seeing if I could do a mock arm Tunisian crochet next, I know I would run into the same issue of maintaining stitch size using my arm.  But that is a idea for an other day.
 For those intrested -
 Knit cast on 10 st (adult) or 6 st (kid)
Work back and forth in knit stitch till you get the desired length you want.
 I spend maybe 30 to 40 minutes working up both scarf's, and I would call myself an intermediate knitter, who is a bit rusty in her knitting skills.

It is never to early to start hooking for christmas, well maybe if you unwrap a gift of yarn and a hook and start hooking while you still have gifts to open.

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