Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Orange Twist

This hat 'pattern' has been shared all over facebook which means the requests for it have started.

Since the original pattern is not written or even charted this was a bit of a task for me.  It was all in Russian, with a video or photos of each row as it was worked.  If you want to attempt this pattern click here.  I wish I had a better way of showing off this hat but it is to small for my styrofoam head that I typicly use to show off hat's.
I started and frogged this hat 3 times while trying to fallow the photos then the video.

What I did--
Starting chain of each row counts as first half double crochet stitch.  Each row will end with a slst into the first stitch (the 3rd chain in your starting chain).
Stitchs I used- hdc (half double crochet), fphdc (front post half double crochet), slst (slip stitch), BLO (back loop only), inc (increase), sk (skip).   (~~) Repeat, means to repeat the directions inside the () all the way around.  Always skip over the chain space it doesn't count as a stitch.

R1- Work into a magic ring, Ch 3, hdc 11 (12 st counting chain)
R2- Ch 3 counts as first hdc and chain space, (fphdc, ch 1) repeat -12 stitches and 12 spaces
R3- Ch 3, fphdc into first stitch, ch 1 (hdc and fphdc in next stitch, ch 1)
R4-Ch 4 counts as first hdc and ch 1, (fphdc around fphdc, ch 1, hdc in hdc, ch 1) repeat
R5-Ch 3, hdc in first st (creating an increase), (ch 1, fphdc, ch 1, 2 hdc in next hdc) repeat
R6-Ch 3, hdc in first st
(creating an increase), hdc in next st (ch 1, fphdc, ch 1, hdc inc, hdc) repeat
R7- Ch 3, hdc in first st
(creating an increase), hdc 2, (ch 1, fphdc, ch 1, hdc inc, hdc 2) repeat (You should have a cluster of 4 hdc, between each chain fphdc ch)

Since I was making this hat for a baby 0-3 months old I stopped working my increases here as it was 4 inch radius which with my hat method means r*pi=c so  4*pi= ~12 to ~13 inches around (r=radius c=circumference pi=3.14).  If you need to make it bigger keep working the increase till the radius is the size you need for your circumference. 

R8/18- Ch 3, hdc in first stitch, hdc 2, sk last stitch, (ch 1, fphdc, ch 1, hdc inc, hdc 2, sk last stitch) repeat.

Work brim-

R19- Ch 3(counts as first fphdc), blo hdc, (fphdc, blo hdc) repeat around chain spaces now count as 1 stitch so work into them.
R 20- Ch 3 fphdc around previous rows ch 3 (ch 3 at beging of row no longer counts as a stitch from here out),  blo hdc,  [(fphdc,blo hdc) 3x then work a fphdc hdc fphdc around the next fphdc] repeat around.

R21- Ch 3, (fphdc in fphdc, blo hdc in each blo hdc) repeat

R22- Ch 3, (fphdc in fphdc, blo hdc in each blo hdc) repeat  

Finish off and weave in your ends!  If you need a longer hat just  work more of the straight rows(8/18).

My rose was a simple roll up rose.
 Ch 30, in the 3rd chain from hook work 2 dc, (skip st, ch 1, dc 2) repeat across ending with a single dc in last chain.  Chain 1 sc in first ch sp, (dc 4 between next set of dc, sc in ch sp) repeat across.  Then roll the flower up stitching across as you work so it doesn't unravel.
The leaves where a chain 8, sc, hdc, dc 3, hdc, sc across both sides. I made 3 and sewed them onto the bottom of the flower before stitching the flower to the hat just above the brim.

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