Thursday, January 7, 2016

A gift

My husband went out to pick up some groceries the other night and came back with a suprise gift for me.

Its a hanging shoe rack for the back of a door.  I was so confused till he got it all set up left the room and came back with yarn.

 I have managed to stuff it with about 1/6 of my Christmas/Anniversary haul of yarn.  Mostly the chroma, and the yarn I got while we where celebrating our 10th anniversary. 

Almost each pocket has 2 skeins or Hank's in them.  They are deep enough you can find a skein of RedHeart in them but I opted for my more colorful yarns.

Off hand what is in the photo left to right, top to bottom-

Top row- Herriot (baby alpaca dark gray), silk on the top row (dont know the brands offhand).
2nd row- Chroma, Pegasu and Carnival, I wound up with 4 balls of Carnival so I need to think of something creative to do with it.
3rd row- Chroma again for the whole row, Vermont, Wildflower (looks alot like vermont), Sugar Cookie, and Hollyhock
 4th row-Lorna's Lace (Midway), Herriot (light gray), Impulse, Patons Silk Bamboo
5th row-Lastly in the bottom pocket which is LARGE I put my 2 skeins of Baby Alpaca Grande which is a stunning midnight blue.  I might adjust and put something else in these pockets as the B.A.G. barely fills it, I might put my spare work case or my Tunisian hooks.

I might even be able to hang my scarf's on the side, it depends on the cat's temperament if she decides they are a dangling play thing I wont be able to keep them there.

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