Sunday, January 31, 2016

More mitts!

So my niece Jordan has been wearing her mitt's almost 24/7.  A backup pair was requested stat!

The reason I am making this post, while I like to show off my work is actually to show an alteration I did to the Toddler Lace Fingerless Mitts pattern.  Now I knew the pattern would have stretch to it, but her mitt's stretched out a bit to large so I adjusted for that this time.  As well as her mitt's lace row seemed to twist down towards her thumbs, which isnt a big deal you can easily readjust them. I thought I could fix that as well so they wouldn't need adjusting.

So the changes I made this time around will make the mitt's 1/2 inch to 1 inch smaller. It will still have a lot of stretch but should fit smaller hands/wrists better.  Since the changes make these smaller I would say they are fit for a 2-4 year olds.  OH and the yarn she picked out is RH Boutique, Candied.

Changes made-
R1- Ch 23, HDC 21
R2- (ch 2 turning chain) HDC 21
R 3-5 as written in pattern
R 6- (ch 2 turning chain) HDC in first sc, HDC 3 in chain space, (HDC 4 in chain space) repeat across, ending with HDC in last sc.
R7-15-(ch 2 turning chain) HDC 21
R 16- as written in pattern for R 19

Now the mitt shown in these photos still needs the top and bottom trim done, but I think I am going to change that up.
I will try to do a shell repeat and see if it causes any loss of stretch if it doesnt I will update this post with the pattern for it. If it does I will see if I can not figure out an other cute finish so they are not just sc across the top/bottom.

UPDATE: Cuff round, works well with this adaptation (even number of rows).  So starting at the join, yarn over then work into the bottom of that row on the edge, working 5 hdc, then slip stitch into the bottom edge of the next row repeating all the way around.  This gave me 6 shell's.

Finished while at the gaming table

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