Thursday, September 20, 2012

WIP First of 4

This is the first of four blanks.  I know so little about the Beatles I am unsure of where to progress from here.  White shirt, black pants, gray shoes, but what color jacket for which one I havent figured out yet.  I could do grey or black for them all or they can all have there own color.

 I am also still unsure about what to do about their hair and whether or not to do facial hair.  I know they have all had mustaches or beards at one point in time but I want to try and keep them looking like they are from the same year.  Dithering over if I should try to do yarn hair or go out and get some felt and make it felted hair, I do know if I go the facial hair it will be felt as yarn would be bulky and probably ugly. 

If anyone has suggestions for jacket colors or opinion on facial hair feel free to comment I will appreciate any input form someone who knows anything more about The Beatles then me.  Shamefully I don't even know all there names I only know three >.>Paul my moms first love, Lennon, and Ringo.  I know i should know the fourth's name because I have been scouring the internet for pictures of them to base the dolls off of but that forth one just keeps falling out of my head.

If it helps any my mom use to have her walls plastered from top to bottom with every poster that could be easily bought while we where growing up.  I think her favorite is a mirror with profile shots of there faces in shadow and there autographs but I cant seem to find an photo of it.

Here is the basic part of the bracelet I am working on as well.  I still have to figure out what I want to add to it.  If I want to do crochet Irish flowers or some other Irish pattern. 

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