Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Irish Crochet and Birthdays

There will be a round of birthdays coming up in my family before the end of the year.  I had what I thought was the perfect gift picked out for one of them only to be foiled by third party company's buying them all up to resell at 5 times there original cost.   So I have moved onto my next idea-- Crochet them something.

I am not sure how my fab four aka The Beatles will turn out but I am going to give them a go for my mom, but as a back up plan I am working on an Irish crochet inspired necklaces or bracelet.

I have already made my mom a Yellow Submarine for her birthday last year as well as a Paul McCartney, unfortunately I didn't write down the patter  I made up to make Paul and I did promise to make her the other boys so I am going to have to remake them all from scratch.  At least this time I will have a better idea of what I am doing. 

I am still trying to think of what I should do for my older sister, I have already over the years made for her a few scarfs and wrist warming fingerless gloves.  I cant mention any ideas I might have for her either because I am sure she will stumble across this post at some point.

I will post pictures of some ideas as I work on them.  I am sure most will flop in the beginning prepossesses because my inspiration right now is a complex Irish Crochet pattern that I don't have the pattern for just images.

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