Monday, September 17, 2012

My Neice enjoying some of the crochet toys I made

Little Miss Jordan and all her toys.

I have made a lot of toys for my neice over the past few months. By far her favorits are the Octo-Jelly's so its rare to get pictures of her playing with the others but her daddy managed to catch a few shots. Her she is seen playing with a little blue elephant while her newest toy the Panda Bear watches from her lap. I have been asking her mom to get shots of her playing with the elephant and she told me every time she hands it to her she acts like it has offended her so I am happy to see her enjoying it.

Here is a bigger shot of the elephant she is holding. When I was making it I was half temped to add a rattle like toy to its head so it would make some noise to drive them crazy but then I rethought that idea and went the safer rout of no rattle.

It was bound to happen though, she threw the elephant away in favor of her Panda Bear.

I think she is trying to tell her daddy something.  Maybe its- "I want more Chinese food none of that mush you call baby food." While nomming on her pandas leg.

 It has a cursive J monogrammed into its shirt  for Jordan.  I didn't make a mouth because it would leave loose strands of yarn or embroidery thread that she might get her tiny fingers tangled in or even figure out how to rip them out.   I felted on the eye patches and the nose.

And here she is with her favorite toy the Octo-Jelly. She seems to love squeezing their heads and pulling on their streatchy spiral legs. Last time I got to visit with her when I gave her the panda she seemed more impressed with my bright orange soda then anything else, so I made her a bright orange Octo-Jelly that still needs me to felt eyes onto it before I can give it to her.

Lastly here she is sporting the Bunny/Lamb hat I made for her, the ears depending on how you posistion them will make it look like a Bunny if they are upright or if you pull them stright down they have a cute little Lamb appeal to them.

Oh just a side note, if you wash a knit or crochet item NEVER put it in the dryer it will shrink!! If that happens just soak the item in some warm water with soap, rinse with warm water roll in a dry towel to get out most of the wet, then use a piece of cardboard cut to the side you want to stretch it out to the size you need it to be and let it air dry. Toys on the other hand should do just fine if they shrink up a little its not as big a deal because you don’t wear them.

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