Sunday, September 16, 2012

Open Commisions!

I have open time for Commissions.  Keep in mind these items are HAND MADE in a ANIMAL friendly environment.  With all my animals its imposable to make sure they dont some how come into contact with my yarn stash, I do however try my best to keep all commission projects in their own bags but if I am not careful I will come back to a cat in a bag on what ever project I just put away weather i put it on top of the 7 foot tall book shelf or try to hang it from the edge of my desk.

I write all my own patterns and am willing to try making anything.  Stuffed toys, dogs, cat,s doll, monsters, scarfs, hats, you name it I will do my best to make it!  I wont ask for a penny till its finished and you have seen pictures of it and are happy with it. I try to keep my pricing reasonable but keep in mind shipping cost are out of my hands, i can give you a reasonable estimate if you provide a zip code (in the US) or country so you will know before hand.  I do payments through PayPal.

My pricing depends on what you want me to make!  But I am fairly reasonable you WILL NOT see me selling a 4in doll for $50 like alot of the dolls on etsy.  See something you like on etsy but dont like the price feel free to ask me and I will tell you if I think I can make it or not and what my price would be!

My small dogs, cats, dolls, chibi Cthulhus are all $10 +S&H  (about 3 to 5in tall)

Scarfs ranging 4-6ft long $10+S&H (length depends on the stitches used some will have more stretch as they are worn so they will be made a bit smaller unless requested.  Also can make them longer than 6ft but will have to charge an additional $.50 a foot ((AFTER 6ft)) up till 9ft. Add and additional $5 for a full scarf of complex stitches, or $2 for scarfs with fancy stitching 10in at the ends)

Hats $10 +S&H (depending on complexity if you want a peddle stitch hat like the stitch on my bag  it will cost a bit more because this stitch is more complex and will take me longer to work.)

All Images shown here are items I have hand made myself. Just a small sampling of what I can do for you.  You can view more of my work on my DeviantArt account @

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