Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hellow internets! *waves*

So I have been on a crafting kick for a while now.  I figured I might as well start a blog for all my creations. 

A little about me-  My name is Sara and I am a stay at home wife (aka laid off in '08 still unemployed) with two dogs Buddy a beagle and Chloe a lab boxer mix and two cats Dayton and Connie and a wonderful husband.   I love sewing, knitting and my biggest kick right now is crocheting.  I am in love with making Amigurumi, which is Japaneses, ami, meaning crocheted or knitted, and nuigurumi, meaning stuffed doll.  

I think it would be awesome to be able to sell the items and patterns I make.  I have sold a few things but all where to friends or family so I have no idea if the 'big bad world' out there would even care for my creations over the tons of amazing stuff I have seen out there already for sale.

Totoro & Sprite
My first ever crochet creation was a Totoro and sprite,  I didnt have a pattern at the time so Totoro is litteraly a baby hat that I just keep making longer and bigger with ear's from a pokemon pattern with some alterations  and the sprite is just a smaller version. I was inspired to make these two after visiting a realy awesome anime shop in my area called Anime Egg Roll.  They had a large display of crochet items that just inspired me to take up hooking.   Their crochet lady eventual moved away and took all her items out of the store.

Blue Octo
 I have tentatively offered up my crochet services currently I have a few items there up for sale.

A Light Blue Octopus pictured to the right, a Dalmatian with hand felted spots, and a white Poodle.
Emmy & Howard

I also made two custom kittie cats for one of the owners of the store as a gift for her mother of the two rescue cats she owns Emmy and Howard.  I made each patter special to get them to look as close to the images provided of the actual kitties as possible. 

As well as doing a custom dog for a friend she dubbed him Mini Watson and made me the most awesome gift of a Pikachu glass charm bead in return.

I think my most popular items I have worked on that seem to sell out quickly to friends or family where my Chibi Chthulhu and my dice bags that are shaped to look like a blue public police box (or a Tardis for you whovians) 

It makes me so happy when someone actually asks me to make them something and they love it when they get it. 

I think if I could find a job where all I had to do all day was crochet my little creatures and creations I would be set for life.  I think it would be a job I would happily get up to do with minimal complaining!

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