Wednesday, September 10, 2014

One down... I forget how many otheres to go.... (Pattern)

Blue Ribbed slippers.   

Christmas gift for someone.  I may wind up having to remake one of them as they are not quite the same size.  I did everything exactly the same but as I was working the second one my tension was apparently tighter and its just a fraction smaller >.<    they are made to stretch so this size can fit   8-10 (woman's) ((about 10 inches with stretch)).

I am debating on if I should add a strap, or something else to the slipper. I dont want them to look so plain the giftee thinks I didnt want to spend the time on them, but I am afraid of making them to 'busy' looking as I love the way the rib texture looks. They are meant to be worn around the house and not on outings but could easily be adapted with some felt or leather soles.


Make 2 (or one if you only have need -.o of one) depending on your yarn (mine was some where between ww and chunky) you will use a different hook, different hook will also mean a different size so keep that in mind.  Its easy to adapt this pattern to smaller/larger sizes while working the sole.  These where made for someone with wide feet so if your making them for a normal or slim foot only do one increase section in the sole.

Starting with the sole- work 2 so they come out the same size o.-

r1-Ch 8, In 2nd chain from hook hdc, hdc across (6) --This will be the heel
r2/8-ch 2 turn and Hdc all (6) --- (if your making them smaller only do 4 to 6 rows)
r9-Hdc inc in first stich, hdc to last, hdc inc in last st (8)
r10- Hdc all (8)
r11- Hdc inc in first st, hdc across, hdc inc in last stitch (10) --for normal/slim feet just HDC all and do not increase.
r12/19-Hdc all (10) --If your making them smaller again only do 4 or 6 rows
r20-Hdc dec in first st, hdc across till 2nd to ast st, hdc dec last st (8) --Toe shaping- end of sole
Cut tail and FO weave in ends or you can crochet over them when you work the body round

Body of the slipper 

(Front Post Half Double Crochet=fphdc   Back Post Half Double Crochet=bphdc)

r21-Work a standing HDC into the 3rd stitch (middle of the heel) of the heel ((if you dont know how to do a standing HDC you can just slst and chain 2 it will count as your first hdc)). Hdc all the way around the sole---Mine broke down to 6 st along the heel, 8 at the toe, and 23 along both sides equaling 60 hdc (or 59 hdc and your starting chain 3)
r22- chain 2 (counts as first BPhdc here and threw out) world alternating Fphdc and bphdc around, slip stitching into the first fphdc at the end (not the chain)
r23- chain 2, repeat the fp/bphdc pattern by Fphdc around the fphdc of previous row and same for bphdc.
r24- Start off by grabbing some stitch markers, we need to mark off the toe section.  In the middle of the toe section count out 7 FPHDC in both directions and mark it so you now have 28 stitches of the toe section marked off.  Now fallow the Fp/Bp pattern till the marker, across the toe ONLY WORK the fphdc skipping all the bphdc till the second marker.  Then go back to the fp/bphdc in fp/bphdc till end. Slst into first fphdc.
r25- Fp/Bp in Fp/Bp till toe section. Fphdc dec twice, fphdc 6, fphdc dec twice.  Fp/Bp in Fp/Bp till end
r26-Fp/Bp in Fp/Bp till toe section marker. Fphdc 2, fphdc the next 3 together twice, fphdc 2, then go back to the Fp/Bp in Fp/Bp pattern.
r27-Finishing trim row, I just did a simple slst around and FO

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