Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Christmas gifts!! (spoilers for family members dont look if you dont want to know)

 I am happy with how all of these turned out with the exception of the red slippers.

The yarn selected for them wasn't my favorite the pattern I wrote before my husband picked out the yarn.  It would have been a yarn I would have happily done a hat/scarf but not easy to work with on a detailed pattern with a small hook.

I was going to sew in the applique you see on one of the slippers to both but I was not happy with how  they turned out.  They are supose to look like the  Kansas City Chiefs logo but no matter how many times I tried the arrow head shape it just didn't look right.

I am so happy with how everything else turned out it almost makes me want to scrap the red slippers but I dont have an other yarn the right weight (super bulky) to make them with out making some major adjustments to the pattern.
 From top to bottom--

Infinity Scarf -- done with the basic tunisain stitch with a Q hook.  The yarn was a mystery yarn that was set to me by a very generous Redditer from the r/crochet as part of a Fiber Therapy care package.  I realy love that yarn depending on the lighting you see different shades and colors.  It has dark blues and purples, with felt bobbles in light blues purples and a few sections have tiny tuffs of gold.

Skull Dice Bag-- Gift for one of the people I game with every week
Divine Hat-Pattern found here
Evil KC Red Slippers
 Ribbed Blue slippers pattern can be found here
Lattis Hat-Made from this pattern with a few small ajustments


  1. Sara- Would you be willing to share the pattern for the arrowhead? I have no idea if I could make heads or tails of it, but I am desperate and cannot find one!

  2. I was unhappy with how mine came out but this is what I did--

    R1- Chain 4+1 for turnig chain, worked 4 sc across (4 sc) ((I also picked up my starting tail and worked over it in the next row))
    R2- chain 1, sc 4 (4 sc)
    R3- I chained 4, in the 2nd chain from hook I sc across (thats 3 sc on the chain and 4 across=7), then I got a bit tricky I worked 3 foundation sc's (now up to 10 sc) [Doris Chan has a great example of how to do this here http://dorischancrochet.com/2011/03/27/foundation-single-crochet-2/ ]
    R4- ch 1, sc 10
    R5- ch1, decrease, sc 6, decrease (8 sc)
    R6- ch 1, sc 6
    R7- ch 1, decrease, sc 4, decrease (6 sc)
    R8-ch 1, sc 6
    R9- ch 1, decrease, sc 2, decrease, (4 sc)
    R10- Ch 1, sc, dec, sc (3)
    R11- ch 1- work a 3 stitch decrease.

    I then did a row of slip stitches around in black.

    I hope this helps!! You can tweek it as much as you need to get the look you want.