Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New hat (wip)

I am starting a hat using this pattern.  It has been kicking around in my head for a while now what it would look like with a chroma colorway and a solid color lattic worked over it.

I am not a fan of the way they choose to do their acronyms and terms for post work.  I am accustomed to seeing it as FP/BP then the stitch (ie fpdc) but the pattern uses the stitch first and the post second (ie dcfp).  They also refrance working in a space between post work, which I am taking as just working into the stitch only going around all 3bars instead of just the top 2.  The black is my main color (A in the pattern) and I am using Chroma in Mesa (a discontinued colorway) as the backround color.  I am also using a H hook as alot of the responces I have found from people who work this pattern say it comes out small so I am hoping going up a hook will fix that.     

I am loving the color on the Mesa but its constancy wavers from lace to ww which I am not loving.  I have worked with chroma before but in fingerling weight and didnt have as much of an issue with its constancy so it might only be present in their ww line.

Ok I have procrastinated enough I will get back to working on this and post more shots and the finished thing later!!

I have gotten past the first row of treble spike stitches, and am about to start row 11 but the pattern seems to be slightly off, I am seeing a spiraling affect starting ever so slightly the black is twisting clockwise.  I am hoping row 11 offsets this as its the last row in the repeat section of 8-11.  If it doesnt I will need to frog it and just start making up the pattern as I go, it should be as easy as working a stitch in my back color instead of starting right off with the lattice color.


Almost finished!

I still need to do an other round of ribbing on the bottom and it will be all ready to be throw in the christmas gift bag with my other finished gifts.

This one is going to Jordan, it came out toddler/child sized when I fallowed the pattern.  I knew it was working up small even though it said adult.  I am using the right size yarn so I guess my tension is just very tight or the chroma that I was using was to thin even though it was labled WW.

I will have to work up and other hat for the person this was originally meant for.



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