Saturday, May 3, 2014

Aloha Crochet Contest voting is now over and the winner has been picked.....

Well the vote's have been counted.  Even though I am not one of the winners, I am still glad I entered it was alot of fun.

The Grand Prize Winner was u/cgsf, they made a doily out of some beautiful variegated crochet thread (click winners name for link to their winning project).        
1st Runner up was  u/zzzonal she made a sceanic halter bikini top with tapastry crochet, bonus points for showing everyone how to make a tapastry crochet bracelet.
2nd runner up, u/SunnyInDenmark.  She made a stunning set of tropical flowers.

I am not sure where I am in on the ranking, as the votes where only seen by the mod and host of the contest, but they did let me know I recived a whooping 49 votes.

So I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who voted, to the people who helped put the contest together, and u/SassySSS for providing prizes and motivation.

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