Tuesday, April 29, 2014

WIP TMNT pattern

I am going to write up a patter,  and make a set of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
It is hard to find a good pattern for them, I have seen a few and they just don't look right. 
I don't want to pay for a pattern that that I would just have to adjust and tweak when I could just write it the way I like the first time.
I will try to make a pdf freebie when I make the next turtle and have the pattern all flushed out.

I have a fully finished Ralph now.  There are a few tweak I will make on the next turtle I make.  Most will not be visably noticable as they have to do with the shell  and how I attached it, I am debating on attching it to the body before I stuff the body to sew onto the head.  I dont know if this will make it easier or harder,  I do know I need to under stuff the next shell.

I will be taking these guys to Fear The Con being held June 13th - June 14th, 2014 at the
Maryland Heights Centre.  They will be up for adoption when I am working the check in desk.

Still debating on if I should offer them as a set or sell them individually.  I do know I will be trying to make more then just one set. Maybe I will have a set that is for sale, then a few turtles with out mask's so people can pick there own mask color?  Then I could offer up diffrent colors outside of the red, orange, blue, and purple of the original TMNT.


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