Friday, April 11, 2014

Workingon something new- have a peak! --photo update---

This is my newest WIP.

I went to a yarn swap yesterday, and one of the yarns I got was this Blackstone Tweed, which is a woo/mohair/angora mix thats a 2 ply.  I loved the way the specks in it workd up so I though I would try and make a doll.  The only issue I have is the yarn keeps braking under tention, this is a small doll because I only got a small amount of the yarn (1/4 oz or less) and I have to keep knotting it back together ever few feet because its a 2ply I cant really hide the join.

This is also the second time I painted my own eyes.  Sadly its 11pm here so I didn't get good lighting and they look flat, but in person they are sky blue with a bit of sparkle.

The scarf is a mystery wool that I just did a simple 3 st tunisican crochet till it was almost doublt the lenght of the doll.  I went with blue to try and make the eyes pop out more.  Also because it looked like a Sherlock-ish style scarf (BBC TV version).

I am unsure how I will finish this.  If it will be a guy or a girl or even a creature.  I have enough of the tweed left that I could use it to make a matching cap, ears, maybe a tail, or even wings.
I think if I go with a girl, I will try and do a new blush technique that will not rub off or wash out.  I have avoided trying this because I didnt want to ruin any of the dolls I had avalible to me at the time I learned it but I think this will make a good test run because I dont have plans for it outside of I wanted to use the tweed to make a doll.

I am still unsure if I like the way the nose is or not, it seems kinda chunky.  Which I think leaves it looking old mannish.  So I may cut the threads for the nose out and go with no other facial features besides the eyes and blush.

I was able to take a good(ish) daylight photo to capture his eyes! I added it in below.

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