Thursday, April 24, 2014

FINISHED!!!! Johnny blanket

I finally finished this monster of a blanket.    
I have been working on it since I got the yarn on Christmas.   This sucked up 16 skeins of a novalty yarn, that bobbles between lace weight and bulky weight.

I did not try and do any fancy stitch work here as the yarn and color would just over welm it so its just a plain DC Afgan, that is 48 inches wide by 90 long give or take stretch, and BOY does this stretch.

Its over cast out today, I missed the sun when it peeked out but the outside lightning was better then any merky indoor shots I took.

This will be going to my sister husband Johnny who is monstrously tall which is why I made it so big.  Normally I would only go to 36x60 for a afghan or 60x60 if its square.

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