Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Which is better? WIP

So I am going to make two version of my black chibi dragon. This first one has the eyes I hand painted with the silver blue paint I mixed myself.  I was lucky I caught some day light towards the end of a rainy day so I got a good natural light shot of these guys.

The sun kind of made his horns hard to see against the wood of my bench that has faded into a beautiful silver.  I used yarn colors Steel and Black from Red Heart.  Steel was a vintage color I picked up at a yard sale so not sure if its still a colorway you can buy.

Besides trying to decide which eyes work best with these guys (hand painted or prepainted) I want to get everyones opinion on something else.   I want to get this pattern typed up into a pdf, but I am struggling with deciding on if it should be free or a donation pattern.  I am also thinking of making a booklet pdf with all my patterns in it free and pay and having it be a donation one and the only way you can get the Chibi Dragon pattern again it would just be for donations of $1 up to how ever much the donator thinks its worth.  
If I go with the booklet, it will be most the patterns on the site up to the dragon one.  Any patterns that I publish after, if the booklet seems to go over well, I will bundle up to make a second booklet with an other bonus pattern that can only be gotten in the 2nd booklet.  I dont know if this sounds like a good idea or if I am just nuts.  If I do make the booklet, it is something that if/when I start doing craft fairs I can get copy's printed to take with me and sell as well.

What are your thoughts, hand painted or prepainted?
Free/Donation and if Donation should I go booklet or does that not even appeal to you.


  1. I have to admit, as soon as I saw him, I preferred your gorgeous silver-blue-eyed Chibi dragon! :)

    I do still love the look of your green dragon, but I think the black one is that much more intense :)

    As for hand, or pre-painted, eyes - I guess that depends on how much time you have to spare - and, also, how easily available they will be for people to get, who want the same kind to make their own Chibi Dragons - from your pattern?

    I live in the UK, so haven't a clue where I'd get the eyes from, although I do regularly order my favourite Red Heart yarn from the states :)

    Where your patterns are concerned, I think it's a lovely idea to make a booklet of them, whether it's in a .pdf eBook form, or ready-printed out - I know I'll be willing to pay for one, especially if you include this gorgeous Chibi Dragon in it! :)

    1. Thank you! For the eyes I can only find the pre painted locally at an affordable price. As for the hand painted, I got a deal on a bulk order for them from craft company that does doll parts sadly it only ships to the 48 land locked states here in the US so that wouldnt be helpful for anyone not based here.

      I would always be up for selling my hand painted eyes if anyone falls in love with a color so long as I can replicate the color.