Thursday, May 22, 2014

Stuffing explosion!!

So a while back I ran across a 10lb box of the polyfill I normally buy in 12oz bags.  Typically I would pick up a 12oz bag every few weeks as needed and it was running me $3-$4.50 depending on who had it in stock.  Well this 10lb box cost me $20, I am saving over half the price.  Bag by bag I was spending roughly $.26 an ounce, with this box, its closer to $.13 a ounce. 

Wayne my husband was spost to help me open it last night but we never got around to it.   I wanted to record the opening because exactly what I thought would happen did.

So imagine you have this big box that already is bulging outwards from the pressure inside.  I barely slit the ends of the special tape (it is the kind that has reinforced threads in it) when it ripped itself open and in fast slow motion (it was slow, but to fast for me to get my phone recording it in time) it exploided out of the box.  As I type right now it has grown to be almost double in size O.O since taking the pic.   I think I am going to need to find a spot to stash the full box and a small container to pull out rations to work with.   I know I should not run out of poly fill for a good long while so long as I dont get any pillow, or big sized toy requests in.

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