Monday, May 19, 2014

Chibi Dragon

I worked on this little guy for 2 days trying to get a good look.

I wound up reworking the wings almost 5 times, the ears twice, and the horns I didnt bother to keep track of how many styles I went threw before settling on these.

I aam still unhappy with the finished item.  I think when I make an other I will be tweeking things like the body, tail, legs, and how I go about assembling it. 
I was inspired by a old photo I saw a few years ago on the web, where they are no longer being made.

What is your guys opinion?   
Should I try cat eyes on the next one instead of my special hand painted ones?  They seem to blend in to well with the yarn I used this time, I painted them a sea green hat has a bit of shimmer to it. 

Next one I make I think will be a black version with gray wings and horns, I was thinking of painting eyes in a silver or silver blue shimmer but maybe the cat eye pupil eyes (which I can only get in yellow/green so I cant make my own colors) would leave it with a more dragon like look.

I even commented to my husband (before the wings and horns where on) that it looked more like a frog that had its tadpol tale still.


  1. I have to admit, I didn't know what a Chibi Dragon was, so I looked online, and the clearest images I could find were here:

    I think your Chibi Dragon is wonderful, and I can't wait to see the black and grey version, too :)

    As for the eyes, maybe you could make two versions, one with the silvery-blue eyes, and one with the cat's eyes, then get your readers to vote which is best? :)

    But I reckon they'll both be appealing :)

    1. Chibi is slang word (originating from japan) that means smaller 'cute' version. So Chibi Dragon, just means its a small cute dragon.

      A lot of my crochet is influenced by the Japanese styles of crochet. The small crocheted toys in japan would be called chibi amigurumi (small cute, crochet stuffed toy). I forget some times that not every one is a japanophile (interest in, or love of, Japan and anything Japanese) like me.

      I think I will make two, each with different eyes like you suggest. A lot I might make the wings on the second black one a different color. I burnt myself out on repetitive color crocheting making the Chibi Turtle I wound up working it 8 times before I felt it was as good as I could make it.