Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Yarn Magic

 So while for photos of my BoHo Lilly Vest, I have picked up an old project that got put into hybernation back in October.

Some of you might remember it, the batman symbol with the superman symbol inside of it.  I had finished the main body of the work but set it aside due to wrist pain issues and the Amigurumi Event in NY.

Well I am back to working on it.  Crochet wise I need to add in both wings, thats roughly 5 to 6 1/2 feet (the wings are longer on the top edge then the bottom) added onto both sides.

In the end this project has taught me a lot about making tunisian crochet patterns, and how enlarging them can easily turn a normal blanket into a monster.  I am hoping I finish this blanket before the summer heat really set's in.

Now onto the topic, yarn magic!  I love how as I am working with this skein it has not collapsed in on itself.  Normally gravity would have caved it in by the second photo, making it a bit of a tangled mess to hassle with.

 I think this skein is just magic, as its a the large RHSS, and in the third pic the hole is now large enough I can stick my arm through it.

I dont know why but it always excites me when the yarn does this.  It happens so rarely for me that I like to think of it as a sign of good luck for the project I am working on. 

So does your yarn defy gravity?

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