Saturday, April 9, 2016

Mothers Day gift ideas

So I am working on a few ideas for Mothers day.  (Mom if you dont want it spoiled dont continue reading)

I may pick just one of the ideas to give her, or I might give them all together.

The book Cute Critter Crochet had a Tulip pattern in it I like, so I made a test one.  If I go this rout I will change a few things, it calls for flower wire, but I think green pipe cleaners would work easier so the steam doesn't feel so loose around it.  I would elongate the second outer leaf.  I would change up the long strip that is the petals, working the change between petals in the back loops to give them more definition.   It also called to hold the yarn double strand, but I opted not to and just used a smaller hook.

 These mitt's are my second idea.  My mom loves bright colors and the tie dye effect.  I had a good tie dye looking mystery yarn (feels like cotton but no label so not sure) and I wanted to make something new but still useable for her.

So I made a new pattern just for her.  They have spiraling holes that wrap all the way around so they are breathable, and wont over heat.  They should match the large boho vest I made her last year for her birthday.

I am also working on an idea, thats not really practical for spring/summer.  I might make it into a christmas/birthday gift, I dont have enough of it ready to take photos yet.

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