Monday, April 4, 2016

BoHo Lily Spiral Circle Vest Sample finished.

 I have gotten my sample finished for my pattern.    

Now I am just finishing up the writen pattern and chart pieces.  Also awaiting feedback from some pattern testers.

Now these photos are of the finished UNBLOCKED vest.  I still need to clear up a space to pin it out and steam it.  I am hoping I get that done tommorow.

I might need to make an adjustment if my blocking doesn't fix the small sagging issue I am seeing in the rounds just before the arms.  I am pretty sure that blocking will fix it but if not that means re-writing and having to scrap and redue charts.

Again the photos show, it lay'd out across my queen sized bed.  Once it is stretched and pinned I think it will drape farther over the edges of the bed.  That means it is atleast 70 inches or a bit more wide across.

So look forward to the pattern I am hoping to have it out with in the next 3 weeks.  It was alot of work so I will be making it a pay pattern but I am only going to charge $2.50 so its affordable for everyone and you can save your money for YARN!!

I used Lion Brand Shawl In A Ball, in the colorway Healing Teal for my sample but any DK or WW yarn will work you just need a bit under 1500 yards.

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