Monday, June 29, 2015

Birthday gift #1

I am starting on birthday gifts, as some of them will be HUGE and I need to make sure they are finished in time.

This one is going to be the largest of them all, it will also be the largest Tunisian project I have taken on as well.  When its finished it should be about 6-8 feet wide to be a wrap around blanket.

Its the first Tunisian Pattern I have written as well (technicly in the middle of writing) and I have found that I have made a few mistakes already.           

The red should be a V shape but I messed up my color change row twice and when I noticed it I was already messed up a third time I decided I will go back and use cross stitch to fix it when its finished.

I will keep it to myself for now what the finished item will be.

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