Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Its finished!!

So I did it!  My goal was to pace myself so I wouldn't burn out but finish it before my birthday.

I realized about 1/2 way through that I liked the join rounds in purple better so I finished the head up in purple.     
Now having made one, I think I would plan out and do it a bit diffrently next time.

I did the join as you go method which made plotting out colors a little difficult.  I did wind up with some motifs having the same main color  touching which I had been hoping to avoid.  To avoid that I think next time I will work all the motif's up till the last 2 rounds.  That way I have everything almost done, and just need to join them.    As well I will do the starting ring differently, the pattern calls for chain 5 but I find it tends to leave to big of a gap on some of the motif's with more then 5 peddles, I think I will do a double magic ring.  Also I think I might try altering the 4th round when you do the long DC between peddles and work it into the first round instead of the 2nd round. 

I think the joining worked but as you can see in the face where the 4 motif's meet it was stretched to much, even with the head being under stuffed.  I am not sure what caused it, if it was being 4 points was to much pull, or if my corner chain was to loose on the motif's.  Every other join is only 3 motifs joined together the only join that has any issues is the join on the underside between the front legs the octagon's corner seemed stretched but that could be because of how the legs where joined to it.

I used fingerling weight yarn and a 2mm hook so this one tops off at about 13 inches long nose to tail, 5 inches from toes to shoulder.  I image using ww yarn will double its size.

Now to debate on my next project and if I should wait till after June ends to start on it.  We will be having some construction done so a lot of my yarn will be moved around in the next 2 1/2 weeks as well as furniture.

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