Thursday, June 25, 2015


 So the people over at Interweave are having a virtual 'tent sale' up to 80% off and I found they had this Spin-Along Fiber Kit #3.

I haven't bought any spinning kits because I am still learning the ins and outs of my LadyBug and didn't want to spend a lot on nice fiber that might get mangled as I learn.   I was able to get this kit (last one btw!!!) for under $7 so I jumped at it as it was something other then wool for me to try.  It came with Bast Bamboo, Rayon Bamboo, Cashmere Bamboo (rayon bambook/merino blend), Firestar, a spinning wheel 'on the go' kit (with a spare cotton drive band, bee's wax, oil bottle), and a cloth bag for storage.   The fiber in the kit was not individuality labeled, the letter that came with it said that was 'part of the fun' discovering which fiber is which. 

What I belive, is in the photo starting at the top and moving clockwise around -- Firestar because its WHITE and catches the light, Cashmere Bamboo this one is so soft, Bast because it was the roughest ((but still soft)) feeling fiber, then Rayon.   Now they are all really soft and this will be a big difference from working with wool for me,  I am debating on if I want to try and blend any of the fibers together for spinning or try spinning them all up seperate.  I only have about 1 ounce of each so if I blend them that would be 4oz.  Since they are all 'white/natural' I might even dabble in dying the whole lot diffrent colors then blending.       
BUT thats a project for an other day~~

I have some large birthday gifts I need to get started on so they can be finished in time.

Speaking of birthdays mine came and went last weekend and my Hubby got me the item I saw at a convention we where at months ago and wanted but would never have bought for myself.   It was the complete DVD and Figures set for Scrapped Princess (one of my favorit anime's) it came with 8 figures 6 small (one wouldnt fit on the shelf so he isnt pictured) and two that where over a foot tall!!


As a bonus he got me a Scooby Doo ice cream cake.

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