Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mom's Gift

So I finaly got to give my mom the hat I was working on here.  I am glad I got to give it to her today, because its one postive thing on an other wise unhappy day.  For those of you who dont know my younger sister would have been 23 today and it still makes some of us sad angry and frustrated that we wont get to celebrate her birthday ever again.

Here is my prettyfull mom styling in her new hat. 

She had some cute scarfs made out of this mesh looking yarn no idea how she makes them but I want to try working with that yarn soon.

Currently I am trying to mock up a pattern for a Red Panda amigurumi because I want to.  I have no outstanding commissions, and I just finished a pair of slippers I made for my husband. Will post images of them when he decides to let me take pictures of his feet!!

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