Friday, June 21, 2013

Vote for me!!

Hey gals and guys I entered a contest over on and it is voting time now.


I put up three of my items to be voted for a chance to win 29 skeins of thread AND a newsletter mention with a direct link to my blog.  My items are the Abnormal Unicorn (#74), the Flash slippers (#73), and the Doily Beret I made for my Mom (#24).

To vote just go to find the project you like (mine are #24, #73 #74) and under the images there is a small red 'vote' just click on it! I believe you can vote once a day to pick wisely. 



  1. If you want to make it most effective, vote for #24. That has the most votes so far.

    1. Really? Thanks for letting me know, I cant see how many votes anyone has because I am one of the participants.