Sunday, January 8, 2017

Knitting to Crochet conversion Sheep

I was asked to make a pillow sized sheep from a photo that was found online.

Now most people can not tell the difference between knit and crochet, a good bit of them think its the same thing or interchangeable.  The photo was of  the Bobble Sheep Pillow by Purl SoHo.  Very gourgous but I dont knit (I can knit I just prefure to hook). 

So I said I would do it in crochet, and here I am translating a knitting pattern to crochet as I work.

This one will be interesting when I get it finished it will be the largest bobble pattern I have worked up.

So I am going with requested colors of off white and dark gray but I am using yarn that I could buy localy thats super bulky and soft.  If I hear back from Purl SoHo, I will know if I can share my translation of her pattern with you all.

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