Friday, August 14, 2015

Birthday Gift WIP

only a week and a day left to work on this gift.

I feel a bit buried by it and worried I might not finish on time.  I chose to work just the emblem section all the way up, then add in the wings after wards because of how wide the project became.  

I wouldn't have the space on my Tunisian hook to work the wings at the same time.  Its going to be a bit of a nightmare to block and steam, but I have learned a lesson when writing graphghan tunisian patterns.  I also have a minimized version of the graph worked up so it will come out the size I had originally planned (6-8 feet) which is about what just the emblem is right now.

I think I am right about 55-60% finished-- Its hard to get it all the way spread out as its connected to about 9 balls of yarn.


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