Sunday, August 30, 2015

Birthday Failur ಥ_ಥ

so for those of you who didn't know, I did not finish the blanket in time for it to be a birthday gift. Drastically under estimated the size, I am almost finished with the S shield section; I wound up braking it into left/right wing sections and S shield.  I am very dispointed that I didnt get it finished on time, but he seemed to love his Lego Star War's Cantna, and Imperial Star Destroyer kits and thats whats important.  Might turn into a Christmas gift, or a 2016 birthday gift as I still have a few more birthdays and Christmas gifts to get started on.

Also I joined a Supernatural (the TV show) craft swap-- I will be making some more amigurumi Hunters, possibly an angle and/or a demon.

For those of you out there with a JoAnn's craft store near you--- SUPER BIG YARN SALE. They have yarn marked down as low as $0.87 (it was mostly sold out at my JoAnn's) but I still managed to get a cart load of sale yarn. Almost all yarns where 25% off and a lot where just plain dirt cheap on sale -- I snagged the last of a batch of Purl Essence 'Beautiful' in Light Blue one of the softest and warmest yarns, two years ago I made my mom a cowl out of it and since then I haven't found it in stores anywhere and everyone wanted something made with that yarn. I only got 4 balls (70 yards per ball) so it will only work for a single project for one person I just have to pick out the item/perfect pattern (or write one) then figure out who gets it.

I also decided to tackle making a tri color mermaid blanket tail for my neice as she requested me to make her a mermaid (technically she was asking for a doll but I hope she loves this idea) with 3 colors of Bernat blanket yarn. I was thinking of going the severe chevron route for it but I might change my mind later once I get to working with the yarn, as its a bulky one and chevron's might not look right that bulky to me.


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