Tuesday, October 28, 2014


I am not a very orginaized person.  The reason I bring this up is I have about 2 weeks to make as many amigurumi to ship off to Resobox Gallary, and I lost the most important part of my tools.

My sewing needles I use to assemble and detail my ami.  I cant use normal needles their eyes are to small for the yarn and their sharp points can cause yarn splitting, and my big yarn needle is to big for my detailed work.  I found the perfict inbeteen yarn/sewing at one point (cant even remember where I bought them -.-) it had 2 blunt and 2 sharp tipped needles that where prefect.       

Now my tools are not in disary, mind you just not very orginized.  My needles are always in a capsule case with a tiny set of plyers and my hand made eye threader and tweezers.  Normally I tuck this capsule into the box I keep my hooks and scissors and misc other hook sized tools, when I know I will not need them in the forseeable hour+. 

I have checked all the likely spots they may have gotten misplaced, under the couch, in the couch, under the dog, under the cat, in my hook box, in the box I was keeping my last 2 projects, in the bag of yarn used to make the ravenclaw scarf.

I am going to try and do my best with the needles I bought for my Octo class at Animeggroll Nov 8th.  I bought the safe big eye yarn needles made of plastic with a big ball on the tip (not even a blunt end but a ball) in case we did get any younger non adults joining, so I will not be able to get the detail I want out of it.  I will be desperately looking as I want to detail my dragon I am working on right now its supost to be a celestial/stary dragon but with out a sharp point needle (with an eye I can thread yarn threw) I wont be able to do the stitch work I need.

How do you guys organize your tools, and do you find they randomly go on wild adventures when you need them most only to turn up after you have done a work about with out that particular tool?

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