Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Amigurumi Exhibition in NY Dec 12 2014- February 28, 2015

RESOBOX Galler in New York will be featuring an amigurumi display Dec 12 2014- February 28, 2015.

RESOBOX is a gallery the prominently displays Japanese art or Japanese influenced arts.  I wished I lived closer as the event they are doing sounds amazing and I would love to visit and see all the amazing work everyone put into the show, maybe pull some inspiration form it.  Most of my amigurumi is heavily influenced by Japanese culture, you know besides the fact that amigurumi itself is a Japanese crochet art form.  The ball style animals like my unicorn and cat pattern where heavily influenced by Japanese children shows and anime.

I will be working my fingers off to get a box full of little critters all made up to ship off to them.  I only have two weeks to work before I need to ship them so they get there before the deadline!!

I am super exicted that I will be one of the many crochet artist that has the chance to displaying their work.   They will price everyone's items for consignment so if something sells I can say I had my work sold at a gallery event.  The split means I wont be making much at all just barely enough to cover the materials and shipping but I think it will be well worth the press of having my work at their event.

I wish I had know about it earlier so I could have been working on items for the even in between birthday and Christmas stuff.  I plan on filling up on medium flat rate box (USPS)

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