Friday, August 29, 2014

It's the season...

Well the birthday/holiday season is coming up fast.  Just got over the first birthday (hubbys) next one up that I am working on is for my Sister, then my Mom, then a niece and nephew have birthdays on Christmas.          
I will share what I am working on when I can, I have to make sure to only post stuff for people who wont see it (ie the family members who dont check the blog).             
I have one bigish project thats been on my hook for two/three months now, been working on it here and there but I have come to the conclusion that I will never make this pattern for anyone again.   Its lovely, the giftee will love it (or I will have a epic melt down) but its a nightmare to work up because you have to really pay attention and count rows.

Outside of that I have plans for 2 sets of slippers to be made, possibly 2 hats, and maybe a pair of fingerless mitts/gloves.

The slippers might mean I post 2 new patterns as one is for a boy and the other is for a woman.  I cant seem to find a pattern I think will work/look good so I will be taking the ideas I like from a few patterns to make my own monster of a pattern.

What are some of your favorit patterns that you like to make for gifts?

Some people maybe seeing Richmond Lace Infinity Scarf in their gift box, or maybe even a Divine hat.   Although I am really like this textured Lattice Hat for one of the yarns I bought recently.          

During all of this work I need to whip up an other Groot for a friend of my Husband who wants for an anniversary gift.    

Oh anyone have tips for getting stubborn pet hair out of crochet?  I am trying the tape method but so far no luck.  During my sick time (mega sinus drain issues going on here) I forgot to put up a project and the pets seem to think that means its up for grabs as a sleeping spot.  Normally I keep my work bagged up and it might pick up a hair or two that I use tweezers (which are mysteriously missing -.- from my kit) to pluck any hairs that get sucked into it.

Oh and BONUS I still havent got to work up the two patterns I got for my birthday.  Maybe I will make one and give it as a gift?

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