Saturday, August 16, 2014

Baby Groot

This is a birthday gift I just started working on for my husbands birthday next week.  Its actually one of the two items I am making him.

I was going to use TwinkyChan's pattern but as I was working it, it just looked so wrong and disporptionet which is a shame as she makes some great patterns.  There is no way the photo's she has listed with the pattern where made using that pattern.

I am going to try and remember what I am doing as I work this up so I can share. BUT its 2:30 AM right now I was sort of hooking on auto pilot. 

So far I have finished and shaped the head.  I have 2 branches I need to sew into the top. I am debating on if I want a third branch or not.

I am referencing a few different photos for my pattern.  I just googled 'baby groot' the ones I am looking at mostly are this clay sculpture you see in the photo and a movie still.

What I have done so far so I don't for get to post it in the morning

with F hook ww yarn
1-- mr 6
2 --inc all (12)
3 --inc sc all (18)
4 --inc sc 2 all (24)
5-9 --sc all
10- 'sc 2, dec' 3 times, sc remaining (auto pilot lost count)
11- 'Sc, dec' 3 times, sc remaining
12-13 sc all

I will post more tommrow to explain the 'crown' and how to close the top of the head so tired right now.
Head continued - I worked the crown in the FLO, I made my bark sections by doing sc/hdc/dc with slip stitchs down the side of the dc, when I do the dc in this mannor I link them to the stitch next to them by doing my YO diffrently, instead of doing a YO i slip the hook into the side of the st i just finished (on hdc/dc its in the YO section, on a sc its just the side) and pull up a loop that is the YO then I work the st as normal.  I alternated between doing sections of  ch 2 dc/hdc/sc and reversing it with some lower points that are sc hdc sc between the highest  points.
Now if I had not been half alseep, I would have FO with a slst then joined the yarn back onto the BLO of row 13 and worked the closing of the head as fallows

14-blo- sc, dec around
15- dec all
Leaving a 2 foot long tail to weave threw the opening, add in eyes and stuffing then cinch closed and use  your long tail to shape the face.   I slipped my needle threw and out under the eye made a stitch then weaved to the bottom and back up to the other eye.  I alternated between stitchs between the eyes and going to the top of the head or the bottom to secure and shape.

(What my sleep addled brain did, was work the top seperatly and sew it on (( mr 6/inc all/sc inc))

1 mr 6
2 inc 12
3 inc sc 18
4 sc all for 3 rows 18
5 sc2  dec all this row will end in a sc 2 14
6 sc all
7sc all
8 dec, sc 2 (10)
stuff stuff stuff stuff stuff-- if you are planning on having him in a bought pot you might want to add weight to his bottom half in the form of poly pellets or even a metal nut if you never plan on getting him wet.
9-20 Sc all
FO leaving tail for sewing open end to head.

If you have pipe cleaners feel free to use one, I wanted the arms to be poseable.  I folded mine in half and used the hook to pull it threw the 3rd row from the top.  -Side note- a green or brown pipe cleaner might be best, as if it peeks out of the arm in any spot it will just add a bit of character to your Groot.  If anyone asks my Groot may have blue tree mold as the pipe cleaner I picked is blue and quite fuzzy. 

Sorry for the delay in finishing this-- got a lot happing here in St Louis and wasnt able to work on this most of the weekend

Here is the arm make 2

When you start your MR leave a long tail, as this will be the tail used to sew it to the body
MR 4 -do not tighten it close, get it closed enough you can work in the next row if you need to after a few rows slip your hook out and slid it inside the arm to loosen that ring back up this way you can work it over the pipe cleaner.
Work in a continuous spiral, till you get to the end of your pipe cleaner (the length you want your arm to  be) for me that was just about 7 1/2 to 8 rows.  When my arm was 2/3 of the length of the pipe cleaner I slit it onto it and worked the remaining rows while it was ON the pipe cleaner/arm.   DO NOT CUT WORKING YARN YET.
Helpful tip if you get a hook a size or two smaller slip the hook under the bent end of the pipe cleaner and slid the arm over the hook and onto the pipe clean it goes on easier... I did it the hard way the first time -.- and bend my pipe cleaner up in the process and had to fix it before proceeding on.

Hand (worked as part of the arm not in a spiral) --after thought now that I have worked the hands, they may look better if you drop down a hook size to work them.

Once your arm is long enough to cover the PC, skip the next stitch and work a slip stitch, ch 4 in the 2nd st from hook slst back down chain and into the next st in the arm. Ch 6 in 2nd st from hook slst all the way back down, slst into the next st on the arm.  Ch 4 in the 2nd st from hook slst back down chain, now slst into the stitch you skipped over at the very beginning this will create the shaping of the hand creating a palm.  I left a bit of a long tail on mine (because I forgot to leave a long tail on my magic ring) and I am going to weave it down the arm and use it to help secure the arm to the body. You may want to twist the arm a bit on the pipe cleaner to position it in the way you want before sewing it to the body.  

If for some reason your palm area is open showing the pipe cleaner (due to loose tension or some other reason) just use your tail to weave it shut before sewing/hiding the tail.

Now on to adding embellishments.

I am going to add a few branchs to his head. I am working the branches with my E hook and all other embellishments.

Branch 1- chain 6, in 2nd st from hook sl st, slst 2 more, (2 chains left) chain 4 in the 2nd st from hook slst, slst in all remaining chains (5).

Branch 2- Chain 5, slst 1, chain 3 slst all remaining chain st's

Branch 3- Chain 4, slst 1, ch 2, slst  all remaing st's

Leaf 1- chain 4, 2nd st from hook slst, sc, slst FO leaving tail to sew into body

Leaf 2- ch 5, 2nd st from hook slst, sc, hdc, slst

Leaf 3- Ch 3, 2nd ch from hook slst all

For the vines, I took some of the scrap yarn from the tails of the leaves and from an other project with a litter brown and unply'd them, I held the single along with my working yarn and chained 35 for one vine and 40 for the other vine.

I wrapped them around, I actully played around with the wrapping till I felt it looked good.  I started off with the longer chain wraping it around the base for stablity, then joined in the shorter chain and wraped them going up and twisting them over each other in one spot and I chose to split the two vines one the wrap about around to the front taking one up and over the arm and the other around and under to wrap up over the other arm around his neck.

I still need to attach vines but the pattern itself is done!!  I just need to finish this guy off.


  1. Thank you a lot for this inspiration! I already made three of these little guys and got a lot of kudos :)
    Best regards from Germany ;)

    1. Bitte schön! Ich bin froh, andere wissen zu finden dieses Muster nützlich . Sein ist ordentlich , jemanden so weit weg wissen, macht das Gleiche wie ich.

      ( Entschuldigung für jede schlechte Grammatik ? Verwendet Google zu -.o übersetzen)


      You are welcome! I am glad to know other find this pattern usefull. Its is neat to know someone so far away is making the same things as me.

  2. Hi i am just curious if you are against people selling items made from this pattern (Finished items Not the pattern)

    1. I do not have an issue with it, just ask you give me props for the pattern. BUT Groot is a licensed character of Marvel/Disney so you do run the risk of them being upset.

  3. Your comments about TwinkyChan's pattern not matching her posted photos is mostly incorrect. I used that pattern and made a Groot that looks identical to hers, with one minor change. Her pattern for the arms uses the same H hook and 8 rows of 4 stitches per round, I switched to an F and did 12 rows of 6 stitches. Other than that, her pattern worked flawlessly. Just sayin'...

    1. People crochet differently. I found using her pattern it came out almost a foot big and was not matching her photo. Her photo showed a what appeared to be a 6in tall Groot, I felt the pattern was not matching the photo as I had worked it. There are a lot of factors that could have affected this as well, maybe the yarn she used was 'fuller' then the ww I used, or mine was 'thinner'. All I know is when I hooked up her pattern it did not work for me. Glad you where able to get it to work for you though.

      Its a personal opinion and not an attack on Twinkychan. Personally I think she is a nice person, I have had the chance to interact with her on a few occasions. This was the first time I had done one of her patterns and had it not look like the finished item and that dispointed me so I did my own pattern and though I would share. As there where a few other people on the forms I visit who where having the same issue with TC pattern that I experienced.