Thursday, September 12, 2013

Look what came in the mail

I sold just over half of the items I took up to the MBG.

I got back 3 Unicorns, 8 Cthulhu's, and 13 Bunny's.  So my biggest seller is Unicorns.  I have to wait for my check, they pay net 15, so I assume that means they pay out twice monthly so I hope to be paid either on the 15th or at the end of the month.

Some of the bunny's I thought where the cutest where returned, that's ok I can always find a good home for them.  As always if something catches your eye that you want let me know.

I think when I hit 100 blog posts I will host a giveaway.  I just have to think of a good system for picking out a winner.


1 comment:

  1. I'm glad you had such good sales, and I'm not surprised the Unicorns went more than the others, as lovely as they all are, as Unicorns are just that much more appealing :)

    As for your giveaway, I think that most people who do that, assign numbers, and then use an online number generator to choose the prizewinner - a fair way to do it, I feel :)