Friday, September 20, 2013

Hat season!

Apparently Minions are 'IN' right now.  My sister wants me to make Jordan a girly minion hat.  I bought a pattern for this project, but reading over it I don’t like st count, its done in odd numbers and they have jagged color changes.  So I will be tweaking the patter, just a itty bitty tiny lot. I think I will make the base hat a normal yellow beanie, then add a band for the eye and strap sepratly then add in all the girly details.  It might take longer but I think it will look better then the patter I bought -,-

She also has a friend at work who wants 3 hats, piggie, owl, and a fox!

More hats requested!!  I will also be making a Yoda and Leia!!  I really hope I don't get my hats sizes mixed up I will have to make sure they all are pinned with a note or something.

I have to run out and pick up a few supplies I am short on since I made all those toys I haven't restocked my stash and I am low on a few key colors.

I will be updating this post with my WIP (Works in progress) photos as I get started.

Leia front view
Leia Side view

~~~~~~~~SIDE NOTE~~~~~~~~

Also a big thanks to Katie Board I finally got some Kahoot's comfort grips for my hooks! I am pretty sure these are the ones you recommended.  I finally found them at a Hobby Lobby over here but they where well hidden and only had two in stock.  I dont care much for the dark green I wish they had them in the bright purple color shown on the packaging but none the less I hope these help.

 These hat's will be the first projects that I get to use them on.  Extra special thanks to Christine (my sis) who bought them for me!


  1. Awww, I'm so glad you managed to find some grips, Sara :)
    Hopefully they'll make all the difference with the comfort of your hand, especially with all the orders rolling in! :)
    I can't wait to see your owl hat, and girly Minion, finished :)

    1. I am using a larger hook right now and it does seem to help. The true test is when I have to pull out a steel hook like my 2.25mm that I do the small toys in.

      Just keep an eye on this post I am updating it with WIP shots. I didn't get much work in today because I took my husband to a comic convention I just need to make a beak and sew everything on to the base hat.

  2. Good to see your success with your crochet/knitting. :)