Thursday, March 2, 2017

WIP -- What a Nightmare

So as requested by my niece for her birthday I am making yet an other MLP.  This one is called Princess Nighatmare Moon  and I was not able to find a pattern for her 'nightmare' version so I am just making it up as I go.

I know I still need to make the wings, main, tail, neckless, and  a horn.  After that I need to figure out how I want to make her 'cutie' mark wich is on both sides of her hind end as a purple cloud and crescent moon.   I want to do it in felt as that will be far easier then trying to crochet and sew as I would have to sew threw a lot of layers (pony/leg/cloud/moon) and I think it would also look more bulky then if I felt it.  So now I just have to see if I have the felt in the colors I need (or buy them if I dont).

This is currently what I am procrastinating doing, what might you be procrastinating?

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