Saturday, February 7, 2015

(wip) V-day project [part 2 the fixing]

Ooops missed a chain
So I talked about fixing this project last night after it finished blocking.  Before I blocked it I did not noticed that in my second set of hearts (each row of hearts is 3 rows of work) I had missed the first or last chain of the row.        

You can see in the top photo in the row with 2 hearts (second row up from bottom).      
Sadly there was not much I could do photo wise to show you the steps I took to 'fix' this issue it was just a simple 'pick me up'.

I took a scrap of the shawl yarn threaded a needle, then worked into the spot where the top left cluster meets the bottom cluster on that heart and ran the needle under the last stitch up top (leaving half the tail handing out), looped around the chain, then worked into the top of the first/last stitch of the bottom cluster.  I held the 'fix' yarn firmly, and gave the shawl a few tugs so the chain could slide to where it needed to be for the heart shape.  I then worked the end of the yarn up into the top cluster knotted it off and secured
red it along all 4 stitches and hid my tails.

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