Tuesday, February 24, 2015

New, news!

Ok to start off with Happily Hooked Magazine did a 7 page spread on the RESOBOX exhibit which is exciting!  They  took quiet a few photos of everyone's work.        
RESOBOX has also decided they will keep the exhibition open longer then originally planned.  So it will run until the end of March so if you didnt get a chance to go by and see it you still have time!

Also coming up in March is Kawa Kon (6-8) and I will have a panel on March 7th from 5:30-7pm.  I will be showing of some Amigurumi, talking a bit about its history, and how its done, how to read patterns and interpret charts.  I will also be doing a giveaway and some of the smaller examples I bring I may give away to people who show up, have interesting questions, or are die hard fan's of the show/theme the ami is based on.
This Layla Dirk Pattern is what I have currently been working on.       
I took some liberty's in the pattern and made it more to my liking.  I made the hood a true hood that could be put up or down.  I gave the doll a full head of hair that can be styled.  I also opted to make fingers for the hand instead of leaving them looking like mittens.

I also changed how the legs and feet where made, I didnt like how the toes section worked up.  As well as I crocheted the scarf instead of knitting it, I didnt see a point in mixing the two styles, so I just did a simple 1 1/2 foot chain, and sc in the BLO for 3 rows then add fringe to finish it off.

I over stuffed the arms a little to much, which I did not realize till after I had gotten them fully sewn into the body so they are not as pose-able as I would like.

This will be one of the larger pieces I plan on bringing to Kawa Kon as an example for people to see.  After Kawa Kon it will become a birthday gift for my niece.

I still need to work up some more items for examples that I can give away.

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