Sunday, November 23, 2014


To start off with please ignore the holiday mess in the backround -.- I failed at taking good photos its almost 1 am but I could not wait.
 Now, inspiration.   I am inspired by alot of things in my everyday life.  Today was a great example.  We where out holiday shopping and stopped in at 'The Old Spaghetti Factory' for dinner on our way home.  Just as we where paying the bill they had a really talented balloon artist walked by and like magic he was poping out monkys and Oalofs left and right for the table behind us. 

 This guy does with balloons what I do with yarn.  His name is Wayne Canepa and he works out of the STL area doing balloon twisting, and other things. You can get more information about him and his service on his FaceBook page.

He twisted up this dragon in under a minute.  It was amazing to watch he worked so fast you had no idea what he was doing one second he had a long balloon the next there was a dragon getting his face painted on.          
We also asked him for a Spiderman (sorry again for the photo quality).

Now back to the topic INSPIRATION!  Watch
him create these 3 dominational works of inflatable art really inspired me.  I think once I am done with projects for gifts/holidays/birthday/commissions I will be making a largish Chinese dragon.

This is just one example of something in the every day that inspired me to crochet.  Other examples are anime inspired octo-jellys, catagurumi, and penguin patterns I wrote.  I had a conversation with a friend about a shawl that had the constellations worked into it in beads that was the driving force for the celestial dragon I worked up.

Look around, and see what inspires you!

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