Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dragon Finished

So I am finished with the dragon for my nephew. he wanted a green and black dragon so I hope he loves it.

It is just over two feet long from nose to tail.  I hand stitched  a running chain along his head and neck then did a row of staggered single and double crochet along the neck.  I used a fine tooth comb to tease the yarn out making it soft and fluffy.   I wasnt able to find a way to make the wings posable with out a wire of some kind and I was asked not to use wire in him.

I think I might make an other dragon for myself later.  I searously need to make a light box for taking pictures in its winter here and there has not been a nice sunny day in a while so all my photo shoots have been indoors and the lighting does no justice to the work.

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