Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Gift Pattern-ish

I was wrapping gifts today, and I was thinking of all the yarn I had and if I had it in me to squeeze out one more thing before christmas.

So here it is took me about 3 hours give or take as I was working on it on and off.

The close up is more true to the color of the yarn, I just have not had any luck with lighting lately.

This worked up fairly quick, I used 2 skeins of Twilight Merino Wool, 1 skein of Grape Crush Angora, 1 skein of Acrylic/Nylon blend Silver.

To make this I just held all 4 yarns together and working with a Q hook (16mm) I chained 62 stitches made sure not to twist my chain I slipped into the starting stitch and worked in the round for 12 rounds, then I ran out of the Angora I switched over to a N (10mm) hook with the remaining 3 strands I put two single crochet into each stitch for one round to finish it off.

I am not sure who I am going to give this to.  I am tempted to keep it for myself but I dont think I would put it to good use, I already forget the blue wavy cowl I made last year every  time I go out.  Its a nice thick cowl that would be verry warm, and since its very cold out now I hope who ever ends up with it uses it and loves it.

By the way it is long enough that it can be twisted and doubled up to add extra warmth and  coverage on the head.

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