Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Soft shawl, warm shawl, little ball of mohair...

I worked on this shawl for about 2 months on and off. I love how it turned out its soft and warm, but the stitch is airy enough I can wear it threw out spring. It spans 6 feet by 2 feet, I love the silver, red, and plum stripes.  

Although I dont think I will want to work with this brand of yarn again unless its given to me as a gift.  This is the Mohair Mountain, in Moulin Rouge that I mentioned in this post, at first I thought it was just the gray and red but as I worked with it its more of a silver/red/plum.  The yarn has no consistency, it has random snarls of fibber that vary in size the largest was about the size of a golf ball, and wobbles between lace weight to worst weight.  The center pull is quiet nice but extremely tangled and since its mohair the tangle's fiber tend to felt together and you need some nice sharp small scissors to sort it out.

I have snuggled up in it to read and watch TV at home, but I haven't had a nice enough night/event to wear it out yet.  I almost wore it on Easter but it got hot out quick so I left it at home.

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