Sunday, April 14, 2013


I made some Ruff'ins for my doggies on Thursday night!  These are a pumkin and oat dog muffins.  Our poor little Buddy is having a hard time. We took him to the vet and he has lumbare issues which are causing all the mucels in his lower back to tence up till there as hard as a rock ALLWAYS.  She gave us some pills for him but he is such a smart doggie that he knows how to pick apart 'treats' to get those pills out.  These where made to over load his smell so he wont worry about what that lump in the muffing is because it just smells so good he wants to gobble it all up!

Unfortunatly I was winging it when I made these so I dont have an exacte recpie will I will list what I put in as close as possable

1 16oz can Pumkin (NOT Pie mix just pumkin)
4 meduim eggs (Mine where a little smaller then I am use to I was just going to use 3 but I thought what the hell)
2 TBLE Veg Oil
1-2 cups water (I was eye balling it to get consistancy about waffle mix)
Cinnomon--- yes no idea how much was probly a cap full (I have the tall 10oz bottle) I just keep pouring till it smelled like cookies
I put in 2-4 tsp of Molasses I say 2-4 because it was the spoon went in 4 times but I forgot to run it under  hot water before sticking it in so most of the molasses stuck to the spoon you can sub 2 tsp honey
and about a TBLE baking soda, I um also eyeballed this cuz my spoon was covered in mollasses by this time.
1 cup Oat flour
1 heaping cup of Brown Rice floour (Buddy has allergies, you can sup the special flour with whole grain)

I mixed up all the dry in my food processor then added in the wet, pour'd into mini muffin tin and sprinkled rolled oats on top. and baked in an 350 deg oven for 12-18

The doggies LOVE them. I tasted one, and it wasnt... well they smell good but leave the tasting to the dogs!

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